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Recent tough security by the US that restricts the use of electronics on the IS (Islamic States) airlines could mean a major blow to the airlines. Large electronics devices such as laptops, iPads and kindles are now banned in 10 airlines from the Middle East, investing com including Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. According to US sources, smugglers have been hiding explosives in these electronic devices. As a result, passengers boarding these flights are prevented from carrying with them such electronics. Travel bans were previously issued by the president of the US and this has been followed by restrictions of electronics in major airlines of the Middle East. Gulf airlines are worried about this kind of ban as it will lead to the loss of their customers, stiff competition and increased cost of flights. “Cost of added security measures will have to be passed down to the passengers,” said Saj Ahmed, one of the shareholders of Gulf airlines. UK also issued similar bans hours later, after the US publicised the notice. The British ban covers additional two airlines; British Airways and Easy jet. The US ban will come into effect as of 25th March with no particular end date stated. Bank shares were the worst performing according to the records in the past two weeks. Investors are speculating the ease in regulations in the US that will facilitate the “Trump Trade.” European stock market dropped by 0.9% with financial, industrial and basic material shares losing the most. There is concern in US that regulatory regulations will be loosened hence benefiting US investors who occupy the larger part of the European market. The Stoxx Europe 600 Bank index dropped down to 1.9% last Wednesday were reflecting on how cautious investors are in buying the shares news world. Deutseche Bank dropped by 1.7%, Banco Santander went down by 1.2%, while Credit Agricole plunged by 2.2%. Regional equities on Tuesday drooped during the pan-European benchmark, but abruptly lost to intraday troughs as US equities started to slide. Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s shares dropped by 2.7% as a result of the investigation concerning the company on whether it provided false information concerning the test for diesel emission The Digital security firm stopped its financial guidance it was offering Gemalto shares which мейд the shares to lose by a big margin of 18% in the stock exchange market.